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No one in this world can disagree with the fact that life is precious; precious enough, to be taken care of and to be protected. The world of today harbors a great deal of human miseries and sufferings. Quite a large number of people die of diseases, which could have been prevented or cured. As I gain maturity, I begin to realize that I have to perform a substantial and productive role in curbing human anguish.

In Pakistan, there are a number of hospitals to treat the suffering of humanity. But the advanced technology and latest facilities are not available. I have spent about 6 years in the field of medicine there but am still thirsty for new techniques in the diagnosis and management of patients. I spent more than five years in South Africa. Here I have a great opportunity to boost up my skills. Here in South Africa, I undertake structured training that will enable professional and personal development.

Canada is the country where I learn how to think scientifically, how to hypothesize designs, how to use modern techniques, and how to facilitate the patients with these advancements. It is here that I got the opportunity to flourish my knowledge and clinical experience by working with one of the excellent medical setups of the world. This includes working in the Hospital setup (ARHCC) as well as in Family practice clinic settings.

I worked for about 8 years with one of the Renowned Family physicians of Abbotsford, Dr.Danescu at Windermere Medical clinic . Working with a friendly colleague and collaborative environment gives me confidence and skills to start my own practice in the town.

Now I have established a newly built family practice in the middle of town with a passion to provide the best of Care for the community at CareXus (Access) clinic with a slogan of ”CARE 4 U”

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Here is the great staff that we have. There work and caring nature allows the clinic to have a peaceful and calm environment for you!

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Couldn't have asked for a better service. The staff was very kind. Didn't have to wait more than 5 minutes before the doctor came. Felt relaxed at the clinic.
A great clinic to go with the great view that Abbotsford has. The doctors are very understanding and aim to help you as much as possible.
Dr. Arham and Dr. Mandai are great doctors. They take care of all their patients the best they can and continue to check-up on them, making sure the patient is satisfied and feels better.

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