Clinic Policy

Here are some of policies that we have implemented into the CareXus clinic.

Mutual Respect Policy

The CareXus Clinic respects the time, rights, and privacy of its patients. It requests that patients recognize and respect the time, rights and privacy of both doctors and staff.

We endeavor to create a respectful, safe place for our patients and families, who may be going through a stressful time. If you feel that your interactions with our office have not reflected this, please reach out to us so we can make things right.

We ask for equally respectful treatment towards our staff and physicians. Our office does not tolerate violence – physical or verbal. This includes foul or abusive language. Any incident of violence is grounds for your deregistration from the practice, and you will not be allowed to return in the future.

Patient Registration

If you are new to the practice, your initial visit is typically a "meet and greet" appointment to ensure a good fit between the doctor and yourself. Therefore, as a new patient, I recommend you go through a trial period of at least 3 visits over 3 to 6 months to get better acquainted and understand each other, to see if I can serve your need. Helping you maintain a healthy life starts with understanding your needs and concerns and for us to explain to you how that can (or cannot) be done.

On Time Appointment

In general, the CareXus Clinic strives to see patients on time. To help ensure this policy can be true for all patients, patients, staff and doctors are requested to be on time and ready for appointments. However, If you are in a hurry or feel really ill, do speak up to the receptionist and we will try to accommodate everyone in a fair and appropriate manner.

Cancellation Policy

A patient that does not keep their appointment impacts our ability to effectively care for both themselves as well as others. We understand that perhaps an emergency prevented the patient from coming in for their scheduled appointment and when we are contacted at their earliest convenience, we work to reschedule the appointment in a timely fashion. Therefore, CareXus Clinic requires 24 hours advance notice for appointment cancellations. Breaking appointments prevents us from taking care of other patients in a timely manner. Thank you for your consideration.

Perscription Refills

For prescription refill, unfortunately, we are unable to fulfill requests coming through Pharmacies. It is required that either you do it through telehealth or in person. If you are unable to come to office telehealth or via phone maybe a good option for you. The doctor will then send the request to your preferred pharmacy from where you will be able to pick it up at your own convenience.


In general, new referral requests need to be discussed with your doctor. Referrals cannot be made via tele-health and so, in person visit with the doctor is required.

We ask that you allow at least 2-4 weeks for communication between our office and the specialist’s office about your referral, before calling to inquire on its status.

You may be contacted directly by the specialist’s office about your appointment, or sometimes our office will contact you with the appointment information.

Follow-Up for Investigations

Our office receives lots of test results daily. It is not practical for us to phone each patient with their results. In general, we do contact patients about abnormal results that the doctors are concerned about.

If you have gone for blood work or other lab tests, you may be able to check your results online via lab website. If you have questions about your results, call our office to inquire and/or book an appointment with your doctor.

If you have gone for an imaging test (x-ray, ultrasound, CT, MRI), these results are not accessible to you at this time. You will have to book an appointment with your doctor to discuss the results.


UN-Insured Services

Medical Services Plan (MSP), your public health insurance, does not cover all services provided by your primary care provider (MD & NP). Services not covered by MSP are referred to as “uninsured services”. Examples of uninsured services include forms, sick notes, insurance and disability forms. For more information on uninsured services please contact the office during regular hours.

Fees vary dependent upon the service and payment is expected before/at the time of the appointment in which the service is rendered.

 If an outstanding account has been incurred by a patient, payment is expected upon arrival at the next appointment. Visa, Mastercard, Debit, Cash or Cheque are accepted, with a receipt issued at the time of payment